#1 we are still looking for records!

#1 we are still looking for records!

Please contact us if you have records from any era. We are interested in all collections, whether they are available now or in the distant future.

We are a network of collectors and musicians dedicated to preserving our musical heritage.

Don’t assume that we won’t be interested in a cache of records that no one else wants. We aren’t trying to sell them at a profit. We preserve them and make them available for research projects by scholars, musicians, and the general public.

Please send us the names and contact info for any and all serious collectors you may know about. Since we are making a comprehensive record library of the world’s music, records of little or no monetary value remain part of the grand matrix of recorded sound. The lesser known and least valued genres are now amongst the most endangered and most likely to end up in landfills. In particular, almost all foreign records are a priority for us.

As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit we can offer tax deductions for any quantity of records.