Offbeat Poetry, Jazz Cantoons

Offbeat Poetry, Jazz Cantoons and Stuff like Dat Dere

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Glenn Allen Howard – Introduction

The Legendary Beat Poetry reading at Royal Albert Hall (1965)

Commentary on the Beat Poetry Reading at Royal Albert Hall

Max Roach Quintet w/ Booker Little w/ Beat Poetry and like a terminally square, black shoes even, narrator nut (1959)

Langston Hughes – Weary Blues (1958)

Phillipa Fallon – High School Drag (1958)

  • With Jackie Coogan aka Uncle Fester (as the Pusher) on piano & John Drew Barrymore (Drew’s dad) as the Juvenile Delinquent high school dealer

Julian Burton – A Bucket of Blood (1959)

The Hypnotic Eye – Confessions of a Movie Addict (1960)

Ken Nordine – Don’t You Wish You Could Be Something that You’re Not (1989)

Ken Nordine w/ Fred Astaire, Barrie Chase and the Hermes Pan Dancers (1959)

Ken Nordine – Faces in the Jazzamatazz – audio only

Ken Nordine – You’re Getting Better (1960) audio only

Ken Nordine – What Time is It? (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – Hunger is From (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – Looks Like It’s Going to Rain (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – Fliberty Jib (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – Roger (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – The Sound Musuem (1958) audio only

Ken Nordine – Junkman (1957) audio only

Ken Nordine – Bury It Yourself Time Capsules (1959) audio only

Ken Nordine – Mr. Big (1959)

Ken Nordine – Coffee (c.1960) audio only

Ken Nordine – Original Sin (1960) audio only

Ken Nordine – I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left (1960) audio only

Melvin Stewart w/ Charlie Mingus – Scenes in the City (1956) audio only

Rob Glenn w/ Gerry Mulligan Quartet – Big High Song for Somebody (1958) audio only

Bob Dorough – Dog (1958) audio only

Lenny Bruce – Psychopathia Sexualis (1959) audio only

Lenny Bruce – To is a Preposition, Come is a Verb (early 1960s) audio only

Jack Hammer – Like (1960) audio only

Jack Hammer – Rebellion (1960) audio only

Jack Hammer – Shut Up World (1966) audio only

The Mothers of Invention w/ Suzy Creamcheese (Jeanne Vassoir) – Help I’m a Rock, It Can’t Happen Here (1966) audio only

The Fugs – The Virgin Forest (1966) audio only Down! And missing

50 Fifty Foot Hose – Cauderon (1967) audio only

Eden Ahbez – La Mar (1960) audio only

Eden Ahbez – Full Moon (1960) audio only