What we are doing

Here are some things we are working on..

#1 We are still collecting records.

We purchase collections and even when a collection is donated, it is often on the basis that we will pay to transport it to our facilities. This can get pretty pricey as some collections are very large and far from home.

#2 Developing our website

Currently we are providing you with live film clips of the musicians within the collection. These are organized into playlists that you can enjoy anywhere and are sometimes accompanied with commentary by Glenn Allen Howard, CEO and Curator. However unfortunate that you cannot actually be with the musician themselves without playing the actual records, the film clips offer a look and listen into the music and character of the performers we have on vinyl. More recordings and new functionality are continuing to arrive to the site. If you have any input, please contact us.

#3 Providing a learning experience for all

For the musician we ask not only “who your favorite musician is,” but “Who was your favorite musician’s favorite musician?” The collection is an endless well of inspiration for better music.

For the student and teacher we are developing curricula centered around the collection.

#4 Working to bring you more music

We are in the process of bringing you what it is you cannot find online. This will involve digitization to bring to you what we can. We are also looking for volunteers, both in law and record digitization to get involved.

#5 Looking for a home

Currently the bulk of the collection is being stored safely by donation. Our community would like to see the records be brought to life via a public Record Museum.