Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz

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Dizzy Gillespie – Jivin’ in Bebop (1946)

Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker, Buddy Rich – Celebrity (1950)

Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie – Hot House (1951)

Sonny Stitt, Howard McGhee, J J Johnson, Walter Bishop, Tommy Potter & Kenny Clarke – Buzzy (Charlie Parker Tune)

  • When bebop was “new” people who still liked and/or played the jazz of 15 to 30 years before the Bop era were called ‘Moldye Fygs.’ I started out as one of those, was put down by some brubeckys and kentonuts around Stanford, esp being a mutha-fuckin’ MFyg. I still like the whole history of at least pre-70s Fuzack jazz. This is about as modern as I like most of the time. I still love and miss standards, but I dug Dolphy and knew Sun Ra during the 80s. He always played some old shit for me which he knew from his Fletcher Henderson days. He could really tear out with that early 30s Harlem Hot Jazz, although with more modern solos. We bonded over smack–not heroin, but ‘Smack’ was Henderson’s jazz moniker back in the Swing Era.

    By that same standard, the folks who like this shit are way the fuck double doobie-duty terminal moldye fygs with no hope of ever recovering, but who would want to other than some randumb square from who knows where.

    Here’s a preview of an educational website I’m working on. Pretty decent line up, no last minute substitutes or who’s thats? All hipsters, no dragsters in this combo. . Hang on!

Horace Silver Quintet – Cool Eyes (1958) ‘Hiyo Horace, Awy!’

Art Tatum Yesterdays (1954)

Bud Powell – Get Happy (1959)

Bud Powell Trio – Anthropology (1962)

Bud Powell Trio – Round Midnight (196?)

Bill Evans Trio – 1965 Live Concert! Deleted from UselessToob!

  • Set One:

    “Five,” by Bill Evans “Elsa,” by Earl Zindars “Summertime,” by George Gershwin “Come Rain or Come Shine,” by Harold Arlen “My Foolish Heart,” by Victor Young “Re: Person I Knew,” by Bill Evans “Israel,” by Johnny Carisi “Five,” by Bill Evans (reprise)

    Set Two:

    “Five,” by Bill Evans “How My Heart Sings,” by Earl Zindars “Nardis,” by Miles Davis “Who Can I Turn To?” by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse “Someday My Prince Will Come,” by Frank Churchill “How Deep is the Ocean?” by Bill Evans “Five,” by Bill Evans (reprise)

Bill Evans – The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

Ornette Coleman Trio – The Soundtrack (1966)

Mary Osborne – I Surrender, Dear (1958)