The Terminally Cool and Tragically Hip

The Terminally Cool and Tragically Hip

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Mel Torme – Baby Boogie (1945)

Mel Torme – You’re Drivin’ Me Crazy (c.1947)

  • I have this on 16mm film. I showed it to Mel when I first met him. After the interview, we were friends.

Mel Torme – When Sunny Gets Blue (1964)

Mel Torme – Fascinatin’ Rhythm (c.1964)

Mel Torme – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (c.1964)

Mel Torme – I’m Comin’ Home (c.1964)

Mel Torme at 17 w/ Chico Marx’ Orch. – Abraham (1942) audio only

  • Gawk ‘n’ roll your peepers at all the other misfits in..

Bobby Troup – Route 66 (1964)

Bobby Troup – My Funny Valentine; Misty (1964)

Bobby Troup – Sweet Georgia Brown (1964)

You Don’t Know What Love Is – Chet Baker (1956)

Chet Baker Sextet w/ Lars Gullin – My Funny Valentine (1959)

Chet Baker – Time after Time (1964)