5 String Banjo-totin’ Bluegrassholes & Fast-Fiddlin’ Fools

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Bill Monroe basically invented bluegrass music and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping it. You know, it’s been morphed into all kinds of progressives and regressives. And I’ve seen even people who wanna play with just one microphone like they used to do when it was really just bluegrass music and the hippies hadn’t discovered about it.

The big boom in bluegrass was “Old And In The Way” when Jerry Garcia put out a bluegrass album and all the deadheads went, “Whoa! What is this music.” And then pursued that. Anyway, this is Bill Monroe with the gospel. Listen to the harmony in this group here. And these guys really believe what they’re singing about.

It’s really that high lonesome sound on a stick. This is what bluegrass is about. Now it isn’t fast. It’s Sunday music. But it’s pretty wonderful. And in color, what a deal!

Bill Monroe – I Hear a Voice Calling

Bill Monroe – Rawhide (early 70s)

The Bluegrass Champs – Salty Dog (The Stoneman Family)  

Osborne Brothers – Ruby

Osborne Brothers – Ruby (later version)

Cousin Emmy – Ruby (original version, audio only)

Glenn Allen Howard on Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith and the Kentucky Colonels (Clarence & Roland White) Whoa Mule

Andy Griffith & The Dillards – Boil Them Cabbage Down

Glenn Allen Howard on The Dillards

Dillards – Buckin' Mule (on the Judy Garland Show)

Glenn Allen Howard on Jimmy Martin

Jimmy Martin (live lip sync, good though)

Stanley Brothers with Reno & Smiley – Over in the Gloryland (distorted & loud)

Reno & Smiley – Love Please Come Home