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      The Best Coasters and Bay-Aryans

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Glenn Allen Howard – Introduction –

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (1967)

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Mona (1969)

The Merry Pranksters – Acid Test Graduation Ceremony (1966)

Ace of Cups – Everything Will Be All Right (1969) Down :[

Ralph J. Gleason, Ace of Cups – Simplicity (1969) Down :[

Grateful Dead – New Potato Caboose (1969)

Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane – Greasy Heart (1969) Down :[

Jefferson Airplane – It’s No Secret (1966)

Dr. Timothy Leary (1966)

Laura Huxley talks Aldous Huxley’s death

Ken Kesey – Tripping Channel 4 Documentary (1999) part 1 Down :[

Jefferson Airplane – Embryonic Journey (1967)

The San Francisco Acid Wave

Meanwhile, back on the Least Coast (from the Lowest East Side) THE FUGS!!! (1968)

No Deposit, No Return (An evening of pop art poetry) Tuli Kuperberg – The Hidden Dissuaders (1966) audio only

Tuli Kupferberg – Social Studies (1966) audio only

The Human Be-in (1967)


Acid Test Poster (late 1965)

Poster mostly drawn by Norm Hartweg (with a little bit of
help from his fellow traveling Prankster pal, Paul Foster).