Ouija Board Of Advisers

The Ouija Board Of Advisers

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Ouija Board of Advisors

Jerry Garcia                Michael Hedges                       Levon Helm

Lee Allen                      Vince Welnick

U. Utah Phillips          Lux Interior

Richard Berry              Mark Vann

Merle Saunders           Richard Manuel

Fritz Richmond            Rick Danko

Norton Buffalo              James D. Houston


Several of our Advisory Board members have officially left this worldly plane, but can still communicate with us via the scientifically proven real magic of phonograph records, which in essence, are an invention for storing the artist’s voices, souls and performances. All we have to do is place the needle in the groove and call up their spirits whenever we want to hear them. We call this our “Ouija Board of Directors,” even though Edison’s marvelous invention of the phonograph has eliminated the need for the Ouija Board to contact those departed spirits who made records. These departed souls will be available only as long as their recorded legacy is properly preserved and protected, which is one of the primary missions of the AMHF.

Levon Helm

“Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read.”

-Frank Zappa