Beat This!

Beat This!  A Drummer’s Holiday for Sticks

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Glenn Allen Howard – Introduction

Ed Young Fife ‘n’ Drum Corp (mid-60s)

Baby Dodds – Tea for Two

Benny Goodman Quartet – I’ve Got a Heartful of Music (1937)

Gene Krupa and the original Benny Goodman Orch. ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ (1937)

Gene Krupa – Leave Us Leap (1945)

Gene Krupa (1947)

Big Sid Catlett with the John Kirby Sextet (1946)

  • BSC with Louis Armstrong – I’ll Be Glad When You Dead (You Rascal, You) with Velma Middleton dancing; Big Sid Catlett & Gene Krupa – Just a Riff

Louis Jordan – Jumpin’ at the Jubilee (1944)

Lionel Hampton – Tom Tom Solo

Papa Jo Jones & the JATP All Stars (1957)

Sonny Payne w/ Count Basie’s Orch – Drum Solo (1962)

Jo Jones with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet – Caravan (1964)

  • “I wanna hear Caravan with a drum solo.” –Frank Zappa, 1967

Cozy Cole w/ Roy Eldridge – Sunday (1958)

Louis Bellson – Skin Deep (1957)

Buddy Rich vs. Jerry Lewis – Drum Battle (1965)

Gene Krupa, Sammy Davis, Jr. & Buddy Rich (1966)

Cannonball Adderley w/ Louis Hayes – Bohemia After Dark (1963)

Sammy Davis, Jr. w/ Michael Silver on drums – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (mid-60s)

Sammy Davis, Jr. on drums and vibes

Sammy Davis, Jr. playing drums and piano (1972)

Sammy Davis, Jr. w/ Michael Silver on drums – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (1963) audio only

  • Dig the art of drum accompaniment by comparing these other versions. Sam is jammin’ too. My Favorite is the LP version, not on the useless tube.

Sammy Davis, Jr. – I’ve got you under my skin – audio only

Frances Carroll and the Coquettes, Viola Smith, drums (1939)