Cool School Canaries

The Much More Modern “Birth of the Cool School” Canaries

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June Christy w/ Stan Kenton’s Orch. – Kenton Blues (c.1945) Fine, Fine Deal

June Christy w/ Stan Kenton’s Orch. – Tampico (1945)

June Christy w/ Stan Kenton’s Orch. – It’s Been a Long, Long Time (1945)

June Christy w/ Stan Kenton’s Orch. – Just Sittin’ and Rockin’ (1945)

June Christy – All Gods Children Got Rhythm (1950)

June Christy – Taking a Chance on Love (1950)

June Christy – He’s Funny That Way (1950)

June Christy – Imagination (1950)

June Christy, Nat King Cole, Mel Torme – How High the Moon (1957)

June Christy w/ Bobby Troup & a great commercial – I Want to be Happy; That’s All (1957)

June Christy – I Want to be Happy (1958)

June Christy – Something Cool (1959)

June Christy – You Came a Long Way From St. Louis; Just in Time; My Shining Hour (1965) Intro & Outro w/ Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

June Christy – This is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening (1965)

June Christy w/ Pete Rugulo’s Orch. – Something Cool (1960) audio only

June Christy – Give Me the Simple Life (1956) audio w/ slideshow

June Christy w/ Bobby Troup – The Meaning of the Blues; Daddy; Lonely Girl (1972)

Julie London – Cry Me a River; interview w/ Rosemary Clooney plus The Hilos – I Thought About You (1956) live TV

Julie London w/ Barney Kessel & Ray Leatherwood – Cry Me a River (1956)

Julie London w/ Jimmy Rowles w/ intro by her husband, Bobby Troup – Free and Easy; Midnight Sun (1958)

Julie London – The Man I Love (c.1960)

Julie London – What Can I Say (After I Say I’m Sorry) 1961

Julie London w/ the Bobby Troup Quintet – Cry Me a River (1964)

Julie London – Daddy (1964)

Julie London – Bye Bye Blackbird (1964)

Julie London – Fly Me to the Moon (1964)

Julie London – Let There Be Love (1964)

Julie London – You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (1964)

Julie London – Deed I Do (1964)

Julie London – My Baby Just Cares For Me (1964)

Come Rain or Come Shine; I Left My Heart In San Francisco (1964)

Julie London w/ Jack Benny – Daddy (c.1965)

Julie London – Bye, Bye, Blackbird (c.1965)

Julie London & the Hi-Los – Blues in the Night; Am I Blue? (c.1966)

Daddy Scopitone Short w/ Rat Pack-era Lost Vegas Showgirls (c.1964)

Julie London – Cry Me a River (c.1967)

Julie London w/ The Hi-Los – Gotta Move, Gotta Get Out (c.1966)

Julie London w/ The Hi-Los – Have I Stayed to Long at the Fair (c.1966)

Julie London – That Lonesome Road (c.1967)

Julie London – Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast (1968)

Julie London – Easy Street (audio only)

Julie London – Come On to My House (audio only)

Julie London – Why Don’t You Do Right? (slide show)

Julie London – You and the Night and the Music (audio only)

Julie London – By Myself (audio only)

Julie London – An Occasional Man (audio only)

Julie London – Black Coffee (slide show)

Julie London – Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend (audio only)

Julie London – You Go to My Head (audio only)

Julie London – The Thrill is Gone (audio only)

Julie London – It Never Entered My Mind (audio only)

Julie London – All Through the Night (audio only)

Julie London – ‘Round Midnight (slide show)

Julie London – Little White Lies (digital audiophool porn slide show)

Julie London – Lonely Girl (audio only)

Julie London – Laura (audio only)

Julie London – Do It Again (audio only)

Julie London – What Is This Thing Called Love? (slide show)

Julie London – Daddy (early 1960s) live, slide show

Julie London & Bobby Troup – Like It or Not (early 1960s) live, slide show

Blossom Dearie – C’est Le Printemps (It Might As Well Be Spring); Je T’embrasse (Heart of My Heart) 1961

Blossom Dearie – The Surrey With the Fringe on Top (1962)

Blossom Dearie – I Wish You Love (1965) Improv Blues w/ Jack Dieval

Blossom Dearie – A Jazz Musician (1979)

Blossom Dearie – Sophisticated Ladies

Blossom Dearie & Billy Taylor – I’m Hip (mid-1980s)

Blossom Dearie & Billy Taylor – Everything I’ve Got (Belongs To You) mid-1980s

Blossom Dearie – I’m Shadowing You; Winchester in Apple Blossom Time; I’m Hip (1985)

Blossom Dearie – I’m Hip (mid-1980s)

Blossom Dearie – Peel Me a Grape (1999)

Blossom Dearie – Ladies Who Lunch (1999)

Blossom Dearie – Lies of Handsome Men (1999)

Blossom Dearie – My Attorney Bernie (1989) audio only

Blossom Dearie – My Attorney, Bernie (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Give Him the Ooh, La La (slide show)

Blossom Dearie – Bang Goes the Drum (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Rhode Island is Famous for You (slide show)

Blossom Dearie – Guys and Dolls (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – If I Were a Bell (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Always True to You In My Fashion (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – The Gentleman Is a Dope (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – I Hear Music (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Like Someone in Love (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – To Keep My Love Alive (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – They Say It’s Spring (1958) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Tea for Two (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Manhattan (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Someone to Watch Over Me (1959) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Just One of Those Things (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Lover Man (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – I Walk a Little Faster (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Just In Time (1959) audio only

Blossom Dearie – I Like Myself (1959) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me (1959) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Our Day Will Come (1963) audio only

Blossom Dearie – The Days of Wine and Roses (1963) audio only

Blossom Dearie – The Good Life (1963) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Desafinado (1963) audio only

Blossom Dearie – I Wanna Be Around (1963) audio only

Blossom Dearie – The Shadow of Your Smile (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Satin Doll (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – When in Rome (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – The Ballad of Shapes (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Everything I’ve Got (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Mad About the Boy (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Once Upon a Summertime (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – When the World Was Young (1965) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Fly Me to the Moon (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Peel Me a Grape (1966) audio only

Blossom Dearie – You Turn Me On, Baby (1966) audio only

Blossom Dearie – One Note Samba (1966) audio only

Blossom Dearie – That’s No Joke (1966) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Big Cities For Me (1966) audio only

Blossom Dearie – Sweet Georgie Fame (1966)

Blossom Dearie w/ Cy Coleman – Doodlin’ Song (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – There Oughta Be a Moonlight Saving Time (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – I’m Shadowing You (audio only)

Blossom Dearie – Hey, John (audio only)

Blossom Dearie & Bob Dorough – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (1999) slide show