Country Comedy

The Great American Novel-teasers
     –Deep Corn from Country-fried Folks

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This is another kind of country music which is the corny vaudevillian, but still country. I mean the country audience would eat this stuff up. The Korn Kobblers and you know, there’s a whole bunch of bands that did corny music.

Eventually lead to Spike Jones. It’s one of the roots of Spike Jones, but when corny is good it’s good. This is really good! This is like cheap vaudeville tricks and it’s live in a classroom. There’s all these little kids sitting around or some kind of music, you know. Honest real kids. Thirties depression kids, you know. Little Rascals types.

But anyway, it’s hillbilly vaudeville. This song is “Goofus” which is a pop song. The hillbillies are not immune to pop songs. It doesn’t have to all be Barbara Allen! You know, fortunately.

Cumberland Ridge Runners – Goofus (late 1930s)

The Sherven Brothers Rodeoliers – She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain (1939)

Avalon Boys w/ Laurel & Hardy – At the Ball, That’s All (1937)

Cousin Jody – Don’t Make Love in a Buggy (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody w/ Miss Kitty – To Get a Little Kiss from You (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody – No Help Wanted (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody w/ Lonzo & Oscar – Why Should I Cry Over You (1952)

Cousin Jody w/ Lonzo & Oscar – Skunk Skin Britches (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody w/ Lonzo & Oscar – I’m My Own Grandpa (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody w/ Lonzo & Oscar – There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody w/ Lonzo & Oscar – Dear Joan (mid-1950s)

Cousin Jody – Wabash Cannonball (mid-1950s) audio only

Cousin Jody – Television Set; Lady Cop (live, 1960) audio only

Cousin Jody – Wabash Blues (live, late 1950s) audio only

Cousin Jody – Mockingbird (live, late 1950s) audio only

Homer & Jethro – I Miss My Wife’s Cooking (1953)

Homer & Jethro – Movie’ On (early 1960s)

Homer & Jethro – Ooh That’s Corny (early 60s)

Homer & Jethro – Jam-bow-liar (early 1960s)

Homer & Jethro – The Battle of Kookamonga (early 1960s)

Homer & Jethro – Take the “A” Train (mid-1960s)

Homer & Jethro – La Cucaracha (1971)

Homer & Jethro – San Antonio Rose; The Battle of Kookamonga (1971) J.Cash

Homer & Jethro – How Much is that Hound Dog in the Window? (1971)

Homer & Jethro w/ June Carter – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (1971)

Homer & Jethro – Let Me Go, Blubber (c.1970)

Homer & Jethro – Over the Rainbow (late 1940s) audio only

Homer & Jethro – You Tell Her (I Stutter)

Jethro Burns at the Adler House (1985)

Homer & Jethro Live at the Convention (1963) audio only

Homer & Jethro at the Country Club (1960) audio only

Homer and Jethro – Live at Vanderbilt (1968) audio only