50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

The 7 Real Kings of 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

Elvis Presley is often called the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but we disagree. We would call him easily the greatest “teen idol” of all time, Continue Reading..

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Rock ‘n’ Roll is Here to Stay, but an awful lot of the music that has influenced its birth and development are a far more endangered species, mostly due to the lack of curiousity of many of the writers, scholars and researchers about the earlier influences. Rock ‘n’ Roll (please note the correct spelling) was and still is influenced by almost all the music that went down before–not just the obvious roots like blues, gospel and country music, but how those kinds of music as well the popular music, vaudeville, show tunes, radio programs and the incredibly huge influence of the earliest cylinders and 78s on later styles. At the AMHF, we have learned that the only way to completely understand the music of any artist requires checking out who they listened to.. Continue Reading..