Garage Mahal of Fame

The Garage Mahal of Fame

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Glenn Allen Howard – Introduction

The Strangeloves – I Want Candy (1966)

The Last Heard with Bob Seger – East Side Story (1966) Early Bob Seger

Beau Brummels – Laugh, Laugh (1964)

We Five – You Were on My Mind (1965)

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels – C. C. Rider / Jenny, Jenny (1966)

Lies – The Knickbockers (1965)

Sir Douglas Quintet – She’s About a Mover (1966)

The Standells – Dirty Water; Why Pick on Me? (1966)

The Seeds – Can’t Seem to Make You Mine (1966)

The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard (1966)

Music Machine – Talk Talk (1966)

Leaves – Hey Joe (1966)

The Blues Magoos – We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet (1966)

& the Mysterians – 96 Tears (1966)

The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream (1966)

Syndicate of Sound – Little Girl (1966)

Count V – Piece of Mind (1966)

The Chocolate Watch Band – Sitting There Standing (1967)

The Chocolate Watch Band – Don’t Need Your Lovin’ (1967)

The New Breed – Green Eye’d Woman w/ Timothy B. Schmidt! (1965)

Mojo Men – Dance With Me (1966)

The Chocolate Watchband – Sweet Young Thing (1966) first single

The Trolls – Walkin’ Shoes (1966)

Wailers – Out of Our Tree (1966)

The Jaguars – You’ll Turn Away (1966)

William Penn & His Pals – Blow My Mind (1966)

William Penn & His Pals – Gotta Get Away (1966)

William Penn & His Pals – Far and away (1966)

  • Meanwhile, back at the Raunch– Here’s a cache of summa da less cash-generating but brilliantly moronic Garage 45s and some occasionally insightful outasite outtakes. . . .

    ‘Far and Away’ by Wm. Penn is the far and away my favoritie garage rock song that shoulda been a real live 45 but that never really happened since it didn’t get released on vinyl. I had a shitty dub on a reel to reel, but the master sat in the Fantasy vaults until sixties Rock ‘n’ Roll paleontologist Alec ‘Paleo’ Palao groked the importance of this audio fossil find and had the sense to put it out in middle-digital Seedy Quality, but at least you could hear it.

    Lead Guitarist Mike Shapiro told me that Herb Caen wrote about the lyrics in one of his columns around 1966. (Somebody please find it and send it to us to post!). Greg Shaw and I are both of the opinion that Wm. Penn and his Pals were the greatest garage band, like ever and I saw them live dozens of times because I went to high school with 4 of them. Gregg Rolie played Vox Continental organ and later a B3 in the Santana Blues Band. He added some mambo-jambo to the gumbo that became the Santana who wowed ’em at Woodstock.

William Penn & His Pals – There I Go (1966)

William Penn Fyve – Swami (1966)

William Penn Fyve – Blow My Mind (1966) 45 version

William Penn & His Pals – Gotta Get Away (1966) alternate take

William Penn & His Pal – There I Go (1966) alternate take

William Penn & His Pal – Go, Go PSA (1966)

The Golliwogs – Fight Fire (1966) audio only

The Golliwogs – Tell Me (1966) audio only

The Golliwogs – Walk on the Water (1966) audio only

The Golliwogs – Brown Eyed Girl (1966) audio only