Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie

This rare Ethnic Folkways 78 album was part of a collection belonging to an older bohemian woman who decided by 1969 that her gypsy lifestyle wasn’t conducive to taking care of her collection of 78s, a few of which were breaking every time she moved.

Glenn bought the collection and spent the rest of the day listening to her stories about Woody and the glory days of NYC during the infancy of the post-war folk music underground that had just moved into overdrive with the success of the Weavers. She had lived with the Guthries starting in the late 40s. Woody inscribed this to her for Christmas of 1949. Woody’s wife Marjorie, inserted a little comment referring to the birth of her own daughter.

Zibber Zee is little Arlo.

In the early 80s, a local autograph collector expressed his doubts that this inscription was authentic, so I had Arlo Guthrie (ZZ, for Zibber Zee) authenticate it is in own handwriting.

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