The flip Side

The “plug” side, “Stones That I Throw,” coulda been a contender or first runner up but instead gets the Miss Congeniality Award, a much higher honor. “Stones,” is, however, a totally noticeable notch less wonderful than the intended “un-plug” side which defines a major moment is the real history of rock ‘n’ roll music. As cool-ass as this is, I would throw out that this band is clearly white, and it is the more “commercial” folk-rockish” side, which was in 1965 briefly in some kind of vague vogue. The Great Folk Scare of the sixties was speedily morphing into folk-rock, first with Richard and Mimi Farina, then Dylan, the Byrds and all the rest of that “Eve of Distractions” that soon ensued, dude, while topped 40 stations struggled to keep up with the latest teen trends and tastes. The top 40 radio (square) waves were about to get rocked sixties-style, before they had a chance to figure out that they couldn’t twist and control the kids styles like they did last summer.

Moral: Always play the flip sides because some of those flips will flip you out!

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