Tom Lehrer Revisited Article

Tom Lehrer Revisited (1960) Article


Most of the basickly gettin’ long-in-the-tooth and toothless oldtimers and old-school Tom Lehrer fanbase-heads who’ve ever roomed for any length of time with any version of “Songs By Tom Lehrer,” from the very first 10 inch LP on Trans-Radio or Lehrer Records all the way to the mid-1960s surprise reprise and Re-Recording of the same old songs on Reprise Records have usually (and this probably means you!), NEVER HEARD THE HILARIOUS SONG INTROS!

We’re gonna lay onya this very rare 1960 “Live in Concert” version of his first little slab of a set list to dig the all-time, null star, wisest wise-guy-written, all-time wackiest and wittiest tracks ever stomped into any kinda vinyl or wax, Max, like EVERLOVIN’ EVER!

I’ve spent a whole Decca decades turning and twistin’ some terrifically talented toupees around, over and all the way-out simply by layin’ this brand new mess of giggles inside the earholes of “died in the well” Irish Balladeers, rock ‘n’ roll (and other children’s music) stars, super-special “just plain folks” in My Home Town and even the more normal / formal Tom Tom Lehrer Club fanaddicts and talking headbones with this rare treasure trove of some of his lesser-heard but sweet-smellin’ smokin’ stash of latently lurking laugh-tracks we keep stashed in the stacks of the collection till it’s time to let ’em out again in front of the likes of folks like you.

It’s been a gas pouring all this fun into too many numerous and sundry noggins to mention, who had only thought they were “in the know” till this shit hit ’em hardy-har and hard and now you can totally get off just as easy, if you’ll just knock an earlobe or two in the general direction of this little playlist.

All these unlightened masses I hipped were instantly flipped onwords and upwords to grazier heights and greener pasturds, as those who thought they had run outa Lehrer-ish lay lines to quote long, long ago, sunk to cribbing from the all-time Bartlett’s Big Bad Booklet of Notable Nostra-dumbass speech-spouters with its miserable math section, which mostly quotes from endless books of numbers.

St. Thomas of Lehrer really IS “the mathematician that others all quote,” like I just did even more than the Great Lobechevsky and all the rest of those trigger-nometricksters and angst-ridden algebrats that still haunt all those ivy-covered professors, in ivy-covered halls as well as any and all extra sixth-year seniors that are still some 20,000 leagues under the G.P. A. needed to graduate with a “Gentleman’s ‘C.'”


The T.L. Revisted version of “Be Prepared” isn’t up there with the udders. No “no bull” prize for this cat or cowboy who evidently upsey-daisyed the rest of the load on to allah your youtubes, but somehow wasn’t completely “prepared” to post it up perfectly, like a good scout would, if a good scout would scout this, which he could and would, but only if he didn’t get caught.

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